Auto Accident Injuries in Poway, CA

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Community Chiropractic Center specializes in Personal Injury Care for people involved in Car Accidents and other Traumatic Events. But wait, there’s more!!!

There are many items to understand and evaluate for any person involved in an auto accident. We have identified the various stages of injury and stresses for your accident.

We ensure our treatment plans are focused on your health at all times. Please click the link below to understand more about the effects of an auto accident on your body and your health.

Anatomy of An Auto Accident

No Matter How Minor or Major the Car Accident, Get Checked by A Chiropractor!

Any car accident (including a 5 mph fender bender) can leave permanent injuries. Severe pain is easy to detect, but it is also very common for people who have been in an auto accident, not to feel any pain for several weeks. Some injuries may be hidden for months or years.

The reason is that scar tissue takes some time to form, which then can be very irritating to the surrounding nerves. This is why seeing us as soon as possible is crucial for your health and well being to repair from any trauma!

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Why Community Chiropractic Center?

We will take care of you!

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Our staff is trained in the detection of hidden injuries as well as the obvious ones. In addition, to your physical examination and Computerized Spinal Scan, we may conduct X-rays to discover any structural damage. Depending on your treatment plan, chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, massage therapy, soft tissue repair and physical therapy will be offered. Our number one goal is to take care of you and make you feel comfortable while you repair.

Also, our documentation procedures match well with all insurance adjustors. The sequence of our exams and treatment plans aid in meeting your adjustor’s requirements to present you a superior settlement offer upon completion of your care. Always get evaluated by a Chiropractor before you settle your insurance case or hire an attorney!

You need to be informed completely before you make any decisions about your health. It is our job to inform you of any harm done to your body and explain all the treatment options. If you settle your insurance case before your injury is resolved, you lose the right to have your insurance company pay for necessary treatment. Also, the information from our examination will help you decide if hiring an attorney is necessary.

There are many cases where the impact is minor and minimal treatment is necessary to aid in your repair. In these cases, you may not need legal counsel. Our office is focused on you and your health. Our Treatment Plans will serve you well. If you desire to be referred to an attorney, we will gladly give you names of superior Personal Injury Attorneys to interview.

The most important decision is not to wait in getting your Initial Examination at Our Office.

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