Auto Accident Insurance

There are countless issues to deal with when you are involved in an auto/car accident. Your insurance is unfortunately one of those issues.

Please note that we accept all auto insurance policies. Hopefully, all of your insurance questions are answered below. If not, please contact our billing specialist at (858) 486-1222.

Our 1st priority is your health. All persons involved need to be examined. Those exam results will provide any treatment recommendations. Please click here to see what to expect during your 1st visit. In most cases, your automobile insurance covers 100% of your care.

Your insurance company should cover 100% of your care and your insurance rates will not rise because you are receiving care. (California State Law)

If you do not have Health Insurance, you can still be treated for an auto injury. As long as you (or the driver of the car you were in) had auto insurance at the time of the collision, your care will be paid by the auto insurance.

If the accident was your fault, your treatment will be covered as long as you have medical payments as part of your auto insurance policy. If you do not have medical pay and the accident was your fault, on your 2nd visit we will explain the answers to the four big questions.

  1. What was found (Results of Examination)
  2. How (or if) Chiropractic can help.
  3. How long is it going to take consciousness.
  4. Explanation of Costs – and if you will have any out of pocket expenses.

If you were a passenger and don’t have health or car insurance you can still be treated. As long as the driver had insurance at the time of the car accident you are covered under that policy.

Our office is focused on you and your health. Our Treatment Plans will serve you well.