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Carolyn did a wonderful job explaining the science, technology, and process behind laser fat removal. It was painless and actually relaxing. I was shocked when I learned I lost 1 1/4 inches around my waist after my first treatment! This was very motivating to continue my goals for a healthier me. The staff is very professional and the office is beautiful. I know most people who get these treatments want to be discrete about it. If this wasn’t the case I’m sure SD Laser Fat Loss would have hundreds of reviews.

Wendy C.

I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Carolyn at SDLFL. I reached my goals and far exceeded the treatment plan. I lost 2 inches in my waist and 2 1/2 in my hips. There is no pain from the treatment or downtime afterward. My silhouette changed and I was eating healthy, exercising and drinking more water. The water intake is so important to flush out the toxins from the emulsified fat that the laser was breaking down at the sessions. No more dieting and killing myself at the gym. The treatments were so easy that I give Carolyn and SDLFL the highest possible rating.

Anne S.

I was amazed at the results I achieved. Carolyn makes you feel comfortable and shares so much knowledge about you, your health, and body. I highly recommend San Diego Laser Fat removal.

Veronica C.

I didn’t think it would work, so I was the test subject at a demonstration. I saw others getting treated and heard them say how surprised they were with their initial loss; mine was about in the middle of the others getting tested for the demonstration at around 1 inch. I thought it would simply rebound, but now a few weeks later, I have my belt notched up 3 holes with just over 4 inches gone.


I lost 3/4 of an inch on my first treatment and nearly 4 total inches at the end of 4 weeks.

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