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Quality Care Whiplash Treatment in Poway, CA

A Whiplash Injury can leave you dealing with the effects of many painful symptoms, including neck pain, headaches, mild traumatic brain injury, allergies, and thyroid problems. It is essential to seek early whiplash treatment before it worsens.

At Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, CA, our doctors and staff provide natural whiplash treatment methods and for other trauma conditions. Chiropractic care can help you return to a pain-free life.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash injury occurs when the neck moves in a rapid and unnatural manner, specifically when your neck moves back and forth rapidly with great force. Whiplash injuries are often byproducts of rear-end car collisions so it is always a must consideration to have a check-up and whiplash treatment if ever.

The force produced by that kind of accident can cause your head to whip around violently. This damages the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the neck, which are protective agents for your spine.

The symptoms caused by this type of injury can be very serious. You may start to experience pain radiating from your back as well as your neck. Your range of movement may also be limited following the incident.

Other symptoms include stiffness, headaches, sleep disruption, vision disturbances, nausea, balance problems, tingling or numbness into the arm or hand, and more.

driving man experiencing neck pain and is in need of a whiplash treatment

woman experiencing neck pain and is in need of a whiplash treatment

Importance of Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash often does not present symptoms right away. It may take days or weeks before you notice some symptoms. This is why it is vital to seek treatment as soon after an accident as possible. Our doctor’s examination can detect underlying conditions early and provide whiplash treatment options.

Left untreated, Whiplash can lead to recurring headaches, numbness along your extremities, difficulty sleeping, and the opportunity for arthritic changes to your spine.

How Our Doctor of Chiropractic Can Help

Our doctor will create a personalized whiplash treatment plan for your condition. Whiplash often causes segments of your spine to become misaligned. These misalignments can cause lingering pain and numbness.

With chiropractic adjustments, we help to realign the spine and alleviate pain or pressure. This is important for healing. We also offer spinal decompression, which stretches the spine to allow discs to move (or be vacuumed) back into place and re-hydrate endplates of the vertebrae as well as the disc.

Our team also helps the soft tissue elements in your neck, such as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the nerve roots. Massage therapy and cold laser therapy will reduce inflammation in the neck and promote natural healing. These methods also ease pain in the muscles.

We will also give you stretching and strengthening exercises for your neck. Corrective exercises will improve your range of motion, speed up your recovery time, and reduce scar tissue formation. They also reduce your chances of future injuries or recurring pain.

chiropractic adjustments being done to a patient by a chiropractor

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Don’t wait a moment longer to do something about the symptoms of your Whiplash injury. It could eventually lead to long-term health complications. At Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, CA, our doctors and staff will work to alleviate your pain and help your neck heal. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.

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