Extremity Care

Your extremities include your feet, hands, arms, and legs. Your knees, wrists, ankles, and your jaw are also considered extremities. At Community Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor does not only focus on the spine but also on extremities. If you are experiencing pain or stiffness in your joints, mobility issues, weakness, or body fatigue, our chiropractor is ready to assist you.

Importance of Extremity Care

Sometimes you do not realize how much pain you are living with until it is gone. You can see a drastic improvement in your quality of life by caring for your extremities. Elbow pain, including tennis elbow and soreness, is not a normal part of life, and you should not accept it. Wrist pain may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be addressed through chiropractic care.

Even the fittest person may be placing excessive stress on his or her knees, ankles, and feet. When you first visit our office, our chiropractor will assess your musculoskeletal system to identify any disorders you are suffering from. We will use this information to create a chiropractic care plan tailored to your needs.

How Our Chiropractor Can Assist You

Chiropractic adjustments can help to minimize and eventually eliminate extremity pain. When your spine is out of alignment, it can cause problems in many other parts of the body. Our chiropractor will begin with a spinal adjustment. Following an initial adjustment, our chiropractor will assess your extremities. Once we understand the other issues in your body, our chiropractor can create a plan to get you on the path to healing.

Chiropractic care is an attractive option for addressing extremity pain because it is natural and non-invasive. Rather than masking your pain with prescription medication or resorting to invasive surgery, our chiropractor will work to reduce your pain, improve your range of motion, and enhance your body’s natural healing process through chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractor for Hands, Feet, and Ankles in Poway

At Community Chiropractic Center, our goal is to help our patients live a life free of pain. We believe in a holistic approach to your health, and we will help you reach and maintain a pain-free state. We explain the process every step of the way and want you to feel comfortable with your treatment plan. For more information on extremity chiropractic care or to schedule an appointment, call us at (858) 486-1222.

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