Zerona Z6

Zerona Z6 Cold Laser

The Zerona Z6 targets areas of fat in your waist, hips, thighs, and arms. The fat is painlessly emulsified under your skin. Your body then removes the fat during your body’s detoxification & elimination processes. After treatment, you are on your way to resume normal daily activities. Absolutely no disruption to your routine.


ZERO Surgery

ZERO Downtime

Lifestyle Changes

Diet changes or exercises are not required. However, greater results will be realized if you do choose to modify your habits. This is a perfect compliment to any weight loss plan.

In FDA clinical trials, Zerona Z6 had to achieve 3 or more inches of fat loss in order to be considered for FDA evaluation. When the study was completed, patients lost, on average, 3.52 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs. Protocols were modified the following year and increased this average to 3.72 inches of fat loss.

Our doctor-supervised treatments last approximately one hour each visit (40 minutes low level laser therapy, 10 minutes of vibration, and 1 minute of percussor.). Before and after treatment photos and measurements will be taken for comparison of your final results.

There are no guarantees. Please recognize life events (such as pregnancy, aging, menopause, stress, significant weight changes, or lifestyle conditions) all contribute to changes in your body.