I came to Community Chiropractic Center because I was having constant headaches and back muscle pain. My neck and back muscles were stiff and hindering my concentration. I had been experiencing these symptoms since I was in a car accident and due to my lifestyle as a student. Always looking down at my books and sitting in uncomfortable classrooms can take a toll on the neck and back.
I had tried anti-inflammatory drugs with only temporary relief. My experience with Dr. Mark at Community Chiropractic Center has been great. I no longer have headaches that I have to suppress with drugs and the muscle pain is seldom. I now have much less difficulty concentrating on my studies and life activities. The only distractions I experience now are those that I create for myself.

Britnee M.

Prior to seeing Dr. Mark I was miserable from headaches and neck/shoulder pain on a daily basis. My shoulders and neck were tender to the touch and there were days I didn’t even want to open my eyes due to the headaches I experienced. It was then that I decided I had to seek professional assistance. Within a month of consistent treatment all these symptoms were virtually non-existent. My headaches have disappeared and being as I still sit at a computer all day, I still get a stiff neck and shoulders but as soon as I go for my weekly appointment with Dr. Mark they’re gone! Chiropractic is definitely a way of life for me now!

Sommer K.

I came to Dr. Mark for lower back problems. In addition to treating my lower back issues, helped in the process of my husband and I conceiving our second child we had several miscarriages previous to his treatment. After treatment, we conceived with no issues. I would highly suggest to anyone having issues with conceiving to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Jody R.

Last year our then seven-month-old son experienced three ear infections in three months. Whenever a sign of cold symptoms appeared, my husband and I helplessly anticipated an ear infection developing accompanied by a fever, restless nights, and a 10-day prescription of antibiotics, which were so quickly prescribed. We thank the Lord that He has led us to Dr. Mark’s chiropractic care, which has alleviated this chronic problem. Dr. Mark has been treating our one-year-old for eight months now and our son has shown remarkable improvement. He has not had an ear infection since and is overall a healthy little boy.

Daisy F.

I have fibromyalgia and some tendonitis and bursitis in my hips, shoulders and neck. My level of tiredness and pain kept me from working more than fifteen hours per week as an RN. After less than one month of adjustments I feel much less tightness and pain. The weekly massages help me feel so much more relaxed. “The Cleanse” was fairly easy to do and after seven days of it, my irritable bowel symptoms of bloating and pain went away. I am slowly adding back food groups to see if I have a food allergy or sensitivity. I have good doctors (M.D.) and continue to follow their advice, but Dr. Mark’s treatments are a welcome change and a major improvement to my well being.

Cheryl M.

I started seeing Dr. Mark around 6 weeks ago for a problem I was having with rotating neck pain. My regular chiropractor could not help me; in fact she made it worse. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to turn my head again without moving my whole body.
Well, after seeing Dr. Mark consistently three times a week for a month, and now twice a week. I am virtually pain free. His techniques are very carefully performed with great regard for your pain level. The deep massage and various adjustments are sometimes a bit unusual but they work! I am no “spring chicken”, at 64 years old it’s amazing my body can heal so quickly! I love in Oceanside, a long way from Poway, but Dr. Mark is worth the time and travel miles even with gas prices so high!

Joanne C.

After seeing Dr. Mark for four weeks, I wake up in the morning without a sore stiff neck. I can’t remember the last time I felt good waking up. Thanks for such good care Dr. Mark! P.S. Oh. My leg doesn’t hurt anymore, which was the original reason I came to see you! You’re GREAT!

Diane H.

I came to Community Chiropractic Center after four years of severe neck, back, and lower back pain. I had tried other chiropractors with little improvement. I had trouble concentrating in my schooling because the pain was so bad. Since I have seen Dr. Mark, my pain is practically gone. School is easy for me now because I can concentrate in class without having to constantly shift around in pain looking for a comfortable position. Chiropractic has really improved my pain, attitude, and ease of study. Thank you so much!

Austin C.

I had a car accident and my GP referred me to Dr. Mark. I was a totally skeptical of working with a Chiropractor. Boy, was I wrong to be! Dr. Mark and his staff are incredibly positive, personable, and professional! They put me at ease from the moment I walked through their door. I can honestly say I’m feeling a lot better than I was on Day 1 and I keep coming back. I highly recommend giving Dr. Mark your business and trust.

Chris M.

I'm a 20 year Air Force disabled veteran and was referred by the VA to have chiropractic therapy for my bad neck and back. Dr. Mark and the full staff are very professional, courteous, and extremely friendly. The therapy has been top notch and always leave feeling like a million bucks. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Mark and staff to get you feeling great again.

Jason Z.

Dr. Mark is an amazing chiropractor. My son has seen such positive results with his back and shin splints. His office is so caring and his staff is outstanding.

Ronald S.

Highly recommend Dr. Mark, started coming in with pretty serious lower back pain. Work as a welder was becoming pretty rough. After a couple sessions with Mark lower back pain is completely gone. Staff is professional and I feel welcome with every visit.

Bryan K.

Dr.LaHood has been helping me for months due to an an auto injury. He is very helpful, kind and always willing to do what he can to get me out of pain. The other two doctors here are great as well. The different hours allow for those who work to also be seen & get help. The office staff are so sweet, especially Erika. The massages are good even when you aren't feeling well. I plan on sticking with Dr. LaHood for maintenance going forward.

Jennifer S.

All three doctors here are great, I trust any of them for straightening out my back and neck. The assistants are very nice and helpful as well. I usually go for a walk in when I need some maintenance, sometimes there is a wait but they are accommodating.

Christopher B.

CCC offers the highest level of Chiropractic care and Massage therapy to treat a wide array of conditions and injuries, as well as general maintenance.

Mike L.

The staff and doctors here are wonderful. I was in pain from an accident and they were able to get me in the same day and help me start on the path to relief and recovery. Thank you all!!

Christina B.
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