Functional Medicine

You may not have heard about functional medicine, but if you’re like 50% of the adults in this country suffering from a chronic condition, you may find pain relief with functional medicine. Functional medicine is a type of care that our chiropractors provide at Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, CA.

What is Functional Medicine?

Unlike traditional medical approaches that treat the superficial pain and apparent symptoms of a condition, functional medicine not only looks for the root cause of the issue but digs deeper. It doesn’t view the patient as a passive recipient of care.

Far from it; our chiropractors seek out help from the patient in mapping out any genetic, biochemical, and/or lifestyle factors that may contribute to his or her lack of wellness.

Functional medicine practitioners work out individualized treatment plans for each patient. The reason for this is to address each one of a condition’s manifestations separately, and according to how it affects that individual.

Where Does Chiropractic Care Come In?

As you know, chiropractic practitioners in general take a holistic approach in addressing medical problems whether they are musculoskeletal or neurological in origin.

Functional medicine chiropractors take it one step further. They take into account the patient’s physical, spiritual, and emotional states. By this we mean, they bring in other disciplines if they feel doing so will be beneficial. These disciplines may include nutritional intervention, acupuncture, or lifestyle counseling.

While some functional medicine chiropractic practices may have acupuncturists, nutritionists, and counseling professionals on-site, others refer patients to specialists in the field, who in turn often send their patients or clients to the chiropractor. So in sum, they all form a functional medicine partnership.

Play an Active Role When Visiting a Functional Medicine Chiropractor

If you choose a functional medicine chiropractor to treat your medical condition, don’t be surprised if your initial appointment lasts longer than an appointment with a traditional practitioner.

This is because your consultation will be a thorough one. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire inquiring about your dietary habits, allergies, previous illnesses, injuries, your exposure to toxins, in addition to your present symptoms.

Functional Medicine in Poway, CA

If you’re curious about our approach to functional medicine at Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, we invite you to call (858) 486-1222 for an appointment so you can meet our chiropractor and staff. Call us today and discover the many benefits that functional medicine has to offer.

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