Kinesio Therapy FAQs

FAQ on Kinesio Therapy from Community Chiropractic Center

At Community Chiropractic Center, we are always looking for ways to improve the treatment services that we provide. One of the options that our chiropractor team might use is called applied kinesiology. This treatment plan can help patients make a full recovery from a variety of injuries and conditions.

What is kinesio therapy?

One of the treatment options that we use in our practice is called kinesiotherapy. For those who might not know, kinesiotherapy is one of the core features of physical therapy. The goal is to help people regain muscle strength, mobility, and flexibility with the use of movement. Often, Kinesio Therapy is going to focus on patients who are recovering from specific injuries or those who might have chronic medical conditions that have depleted their strength of flexibility.

What training does a kinesio therapist have?

Someone who is trained in kinesiotherapy is going to leverage the body’s anatomy to try to work each body part in conjunction with the others, targeting muscles, ligaments, and tendons that must be strengthened in order to improve a patient’s overall quality of life. This might include helping patients learn how to walk, use prosthetics, and develop an exercise regimen that will improve their overall quality of life.

What equipment does kinesiotherapy use?

Someone who uses kinesiotherapy will leverage not only knowledge but equipment as well. For example, kinesiotherapy might include something called KT Tape. KT Tape is used to remove stress and pressure from certain body parts, reducing inflammation and helping people recover.

What does a kinesiotherapy treatment plan include?

Some of the other parts of Kinesio Therapy include:

  • Evaluating someone’s endurance, flexibility, and strength
  • Talking about treatment goals
  • Educating patients on what they can do at home to further improve their recovery process
  • Tracking someone’s progress through a treatment plan
  • Providing education to caregivers who might live in the home
  • Making sure that patients have access to the equipment they need to make a full recovery

We will use Kinesio Therapy as a part of many of our treatment plans. We believe that our patients deserve to take a well-rounded approach to any recovery plan. That is why we will leverage our expertise to help our patients as well.